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Infinity Games

Infinity Games is one of WebAvenue's master projects. With one of the most downloaded puzzle games on Android and iOS, the "Infinity Loop", we started a new venture dedicated to the simplification of mobile games.
We try to make games with a minimalist design that is not far-fetched and universal: easy to understand without much text and for all ages. Since our hit "Infinity Loop," we have published more than 12 games, obtained more than 35 million downloads, started publishing partnerships and created our first instant game for Facebook.
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Logo Crisp

Creating a logo for a new project its always challenging and it takes hours to find the best designer and set different requirements for their new logo. And then there are the costs: creating a logo can cost hundreds of euros.
The Logo Crisp platform simplifies this whole process, allowing you to create a high-quality logo in just 5 minutes.
In this platform are saved more than 600 thousand logos per month: 7.2 Million Creations per year!
In this perspective, we have created other sites, targeting different languages with the same goal: simplify the process of creating logos.


One of WebAvenue's most recent projects is dedicated to Document Translation
. This is a typically complex task, because if you want to translate a document into 10 different languages you will have to use 10 different translators - 10 independent translation processes.
At TranslateHere we present a single space where you can submit your text and get the translation in the languages you need in 3 simple steps and in just 48 hours!

The Rotten Fruit Box

WebAvenue is partner in this project where we seek to reduce the waste of fruit in the world.
By purchasing "ugly fruit" from producers (who would otherwise not be consumed), we produce lyophilized fruit.
A healthy snack that contains only fruit, no preservatives, no coloring and can be consumed at any time of day and in any location. We save 1500kg of fruit every month!


Through the "ScreensPro" brand, we launched an Android application for customizing the SmartPhone screen called "HD Video Live Wallpapers", allowing the user to set animated backgrounds.
But let's go further: all the funds available were filmed by our team in stunning or studio-created locations in HD or 4K.
Putting together hundreds of funds in a single application, we've created the largest library of original animated backgrounds for Android.